Planets is another journey through space.
“Conceived to merge classical and electro musics until the point you cannot make the difference”, this project is “a didactic journey through space, exploring the planets of our solar system and the void separating them” (Jeff Mills, Clutch, 2017).

Durée : 60’
Public : All audiences
With :
Jeff Mills, DJ

Christophe Mangou, orchestra direction
Orchestra: cf document
Planning : 4 rehearsals of 3 h + dress rehearsal (3h)

To note:

– In addition, there will be a technical sheet, scheme light & a rider to take in account and to be provided on demand.
– Seated venue
– Orchestra is amplified and musicians play by the click.
– Particular spatialization for “Saturne”

The +:

– After the concert, meeting with the public & the artists
– Meeting or Masterclass with Sylvain Griotto, around his orchestration work of Planets