Electro-symphonic projects
Jeff Mills

« A mesmerizing night.
Mangou – who has already worked with Mills and conducted this piece – masters the score from one end to the other.
A genuinely fascinating sound is taking the audience to another musical space. Jeff Mills, oddball of the techno stage, is proposing a work at his image: rich, inspired, mystical. »

Planets – Bachtrack, mars 2017

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Axis records

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An emblematic figure of the musical world, Jeff Mills is a major artist for multiple reasons.

First, he is a greater musician, a pioneer of the electro music, with a remarklable career (DJ, producer, …). Also because he is one ultra-creative artist, open to the world (and space!) who, all along his career, has questioned the limits of his own art, pushed back the frontiers between genres, and offers possible bridges with other artistic forms.
Is electro and techno music made only for the dance-floor?
Not so sure…
With his electro-symphonic projects, Jeff Mills offers a thrilling encounter between two musics, musical genres which at first seem to have no reason to meet.
And yet…!

Jeff Mills’ electro-symphonic works – Light from the Outside World and Planets, two musical odysseys, head in the stars – are of high artistic quality. The encounter of these two universes (electro music and classical music) is happening naturally.
On top of an obvious opening of the repertoire, they offer the orchestras a new artistic challenge for the musicians.
Last but not least, these projects offer a crucial opening to multiple audiences, considered quite different at first glance.

These concerts are a strong demonstration of what can be done, a place of reunion for different audiences, as well as a place of shared experiences.