The Indigo Island

Participative Musical fairytale for orchestra, narrator and audience

Julien Le Hérissier, music
Julie Martigny, book

And if the audience were not only spectators but also actors in the concert, interacting with the artists on stage…

“Lola is a happy kid, but one day she loses the consonants and can no longer express herself! To regain harmony; she must find the Indigo Island. This quest is the chance for adventure and meetings during which Lola confronts her fears, discovers her courage, perseverance, and ultimately, her confidence in herself.”

Duration: 55’
Audience: Schools (CE2 – CM2) & Families from 7 years old
Julie Martigny, narrator
Christophe Mangou, direction
Glossary: / /T/Perc/H/Strings :
Schedule : 3 services of 3 h + generale

The + :
– The participative element, with preparation adapted in advance.
– Meeting with the public and the actors after the concert.