Light from the Outside World

Jeff Mills, original music
Thomas Roussel, arrangement & orchestration

A retrospective of star DJ Jeff Mills’ pieces, Light from the Outside World is taking us on a musical odyssey, mixing electro and classical musics.

Duration : 60’
Public : All audiences
With :
Jeff Mills, DJ
Christophe Mangou, orchestra direction
Orchestra : / / P / 4 T / 3 P / Strings : (including 5 strings)
Planning : 2 rehearsals of 3 h + dress rehearsal (3h)

To note:

– In addition, there will be a technical sheet, scheme light & a rider to take in account. They are provided on demand.
– Seated venue.
– Orchestra is amplified and musicians play by the click.

The +:

– After the concert, meeting with the public & the artists.