Eva step by step

Symphonic Fairytale for narrator and orchestra

Sylvain Griotto, music
Catherine Pierre, book

“Eva adores her grandmother Hannah. Tonight, Hannah has a surprise for her; she opens a
large box and tells her a chapter from her life and a dancer, which leads Eva on a curious adventure…”

Duration: 30’
Audience: Scolaires (Maternelles-CE1) & Famille (à partir de 4 ans)
Diana Fontannaz, narrator
Christophe Mangou, direction

Glossary: / / T / Perc / H / strings :
Schedule : 3 shows of 3 h + generale

The + :
– It is possible to arrange the onstage musical participation of the students: 3 groups of 20 to 30 students from preschool or Kindergarten, seated around the orchestra and directed live by the composer. These students will have worked on their musical part for the three months preceding the concert.

– The fairytale includes a recurring sequence during which the entire audience can participate.
– Meeting with the public after the concert by the actors