” Around the world in 80′ “

Tchaïkovsky, Trepak (Casse-Noisette)
Bartók, Danses roumaines
Bizet, Farandole (L’Arlésienne)
De Falla, Danza de la Molinera (Le Tricorne)
Ginastera, Variations concertantes, extraits
Copland, Hoe Down (Rodéo)
Kazhgaliev, La Légende des steppes, Final

“This project offers a long journey to the audience, from one country to another, from one continent to the other, exploring the influence of traditional music on the classical composers, this essential link in between oral, folkloric culture and the music composed for the concert, ballet, …”

Duration : 45′ for Schoolchildren/ 80′ for College and Family
Public : Schoolchildren and College  & Family (from 7 years old)
Christophe Mangou, orchestra direction & presentation
Nomenclature : / /3 Perc / Strings:
Schedule : 2 rehearsals of 3h + dressrehearsal

+ :
– Presented concert by the conductor.
– Participatory dimension and images & videos broadcasting.
– Meeting with the public after the concert.